Naruto: The five most miserable psychic beasts


As a long-running anime that has been with us for many years, Naruto has brought us a lot of joy and emotion. Let's not mention the various ninjutsu and illusions inside. Let's talk about the psychic beasts inside. Many of them are also rare things. Five of them were the worst off, two were tricked to death, and one was roasted into toad meat!

Toad Kosuke

The first and only time he appeared in the Konoha talks was to deliver messages to Konoha with Toad Fukasaku Sage, and was responsible for the liaison between Konoha and Mt.


Miaomu. Originally, he just followed Fukasaku Sennin on a long trip, but when he was about to leave, he was killed by Danzo's sword.

After a good trip, you will never come back. This is probably the only toad psychic beast that has been killed. Do you think it was a miserable life for him?

Ten thousand snakes

This one was even worse. It was said to be as famous as the three ferocious beasts and the toad god as the slug. Unexpectedly, it was used as a human shield by a sinister junior Sasuke, and eventually died tragically in Deidara's self-destruction.


Wan She never expected that he would die in this way. Should he deserve it or be pitiful?

ape demon

This monkey demon is slightly different from several other psychic beasts with a rare human form. It is exclusive to the third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen. It's a pity that the third generation was killed by Orochimaru in the end, and he could never come out again. Is it miserable to be a psychic beast but not be able to be channeled?

Iwajuku giant toad


As the largest toad among the toads, he was originally living a good life in Mt. Myoboku, but who knew that Jiraiya would channel his stomach to catch Uchiha Itachi. In the end, no one was caught, and Itachi was burned by Amaterasu, so he turned into a roasted toad!

psychic turtle

Akai's psychic turtle is not the most miserable compared to the above four, but every time it is channeled, Akai treats it as a stepping stone or something like that. Do you think he is unjust or not? In addition to being kicked around by Akai and treated as a decoration, this psychic beast was miserable enough!

The following psychic beasts are better off! Following the protagonist Naruto is a popular and spicy drink!