What would happen if Naruto's Akatsuki members turned into women?


"Naruto" is a classic hot-blooded anime. Although it has ended a long time ago, it is still active on some anime websites. We all know that many strong men in "Naruto" are mostly large, and female ninjas rarely have a sense of presence in Naruto. What will happen if the peerless strong men in Naruto become women? Today, let's experience the appearance of Naruto after transgender.


Orochimaru is a great scientist in Hokage, although he is paranoid, at least he is still pursuing more invincible ninjutsu like the second generation of Hokage.


Orochimaru betrayed Konoha in the first half of Hokage. He was a heinous villain. After being washed by Kishimoto in the later period, he became Konoha's chief scientist. He even created many powerful ninjas in "Bo Ren Biography". For example, Jiyue's Immortal Art is his most successful work. Orochimaru looks like a woman in the anime. After he becomes a woman, he becomes even more coquettish. He is still very beautiful as a woman. Hinata probably feels inferior after seeing his proud figure.



Deidara is a paranoid art fanatic in Naruto, he even chooses to blew himself up in pursuit of perfect art. In Hokage, Xiao Di still looks like a creamy niche, but after becoming a woman, she has an extra cuteness, and her long golden hair makes Didalado more sexy, especially when she wears Huoshaoyun's clothes show her charming figure, do you love this Didara?


Scorpion, another member of Akatsuki's art team, is also a creamy niche like Didala. He also defected to Sand Ninja Village in pursuit of the supreme art, but the art he pursued was puppetry.


Scorpion's complexion was already good, but it became even better after becoming a woman. The female version of Scorpion followed the loli route, and this was the first time I saw a loli-type Scorpion.

Uchiha Itachi

Uchiha Itachi is very popular in Naruto. He has shown a very high talent since he was a child. Sharingan is constantly evolving under his own exploration. A strong person is always so easy to be loved by fans. In addition to his strength, Uchiha Itachi is also very handsome in appearance.


Similarly, his appearance is not bad after he becomes a woman. If the female version of Uchiha Itachi hadn't had the pair of sharing eyes, I believe many people think She is Asuma's wife, Kurenai.


Kisame, who was in the same group as Itachi in Akatsuki, was exactly the opposite of Itachi. Itachi was a handsome guy, but Kisame was a rough guy. Because he was half-human, half-beast, his appearance looked very hideous and terrifying. But I didn't expect that after becoming a girl, he changed his previous appearance and turned into a sexy girl, especially the purple hair and the off-shoulder Huoshaoyun clothes, which are comparable to Tsunade in Hokage.


Jiao Duan

Xiaozhong has a pair of lovers of money, they are Jiaodu and Feiduan, and these two are also an undead combination. Although these two people are powerful, their appearance is still very scary. Unexpectedly, after the two became girls, they turned into a big beauty. First of all, the horns were covered with a veil and money was in hand, looking like a female ninja who was both sexual and wealthy. Secondly, Fei Duan should be the prettiest one among all the people. His silver-white hair alone has attracted the attention of many men, and his curvy figure has made many male compatriots scream. Do you love Hidan?