Naruto: 4 psychic beasts that no one can sign


In Naruto, you can summon psychic beasts by signing a psychic beast contract. Psychic beasts can assist ninjas in fighting and detecting intelligence. There are many types of psychic beasts. The most common ones in Naruto are snakes, toads, and slugs. It is not easy to sign a contract with these psychic beasts. The most powerful ones require the consent of the psychic beasts themselves before they can sign a contract. In Naruto, there are four major psychic beasts that no one can sign. It's useless to anyone, not even Kishimoto.


Toad Immortal

As the most prestigious toad spirit beast clan, Toad Immortal has the ability to predict the future. He has a long lifespan. It is said that he has lived for thousands of years. He was once a spirit beast of the Six Paths Immortal. Looking at him sitting so leisurely, let alone Most people would not be able to invite him, because after the death of Sage of Six Paths, he stopped coming out of the mountain, so it is difficult to see him in the ninja country.

snake fairy

Snake Sage is very mysterious and does not appear many times in the plot.


Her specific ability is that she can go back in time and let the past stories evolve again. Although she cannot detect the amount of chakra flowing in the ninja's body, she can promote ninjas and be promoted by her. The strength of ninjas will increase by leaps and bounds, but such a powerful NPC rarely shows up, which is really a pity.

Slug Fairy

No one knows how big Slug-Sen's body is. In the plot, Tsunade and Sakura only summoned clones that were one percent of Slug-Sen's size, but these clones can already save many people.


It can be seen that Slug-Sen's ability It is very strong, and all it can summon is his clone. So far, no one has been able to truly summon his true form.

Old Ape Demon

In the plot, we saw that Sarutobi Hiruzen was besieged by Orochimaru. In the barrier, Sarutobi Hiruzen and Orochimaru were fighting fiercely. The outside world could not intervene. Sarutobi Hiruzen could only summon the old ape demon to assist in the battle. After all, it was not When Hiruzen Sarutobi was at his peak, it was difficult for him to use his fists and kicks.


At the moment when the old monkey demon was summoned, Orochimaru's face was full of fear, which shows that the old monkey demon's strength was terrifying. But after Hiruzen Sarutobi was defeated and sacrificed, After that, the old ape demon never appeared again, and it became a psychic beast that no one could summon in the later period.

The four major psychic beasts mentioned above are useless to anyone now, let alone Kishimoto.