Naruto: The Current Situation of the Four Beauties of Konoha in Boruto!


Naruto, as a classic and passionate anime, is the memory of youth in many people's hearts. Watching the twelve young men in the wood industry who were once lively in the wood industry slowly grow up, everyone grows into what they want in their hearts.

But maybe youth is not perfect. Neji's death for Naruto in the Fourth Ninja War also made many friends feel cold. He has been burdened with the fate of his family since he was a child. In the end, he died for others, which also made one People never marry, this is the regret of our youth.


In this issue, let's talk about the current situation of the Four Beauties of the Wood Industry among the Twelve Little Powers of Konoha.

Hinata, who had a crush on Naruto since she was a child, risked her life for Naruto, and in several subsequent battles, she almost lost her life for Naruto. In Boruto, she married Naruto as she wished, became the crown princess, and gave birth to a child. One man and one woman, although their merits are perfect. But unfortunately, Naruto has become the seventh generation Hokage and is busy with work, so he rarely goes home, so Hinata is often at home alone with her two children.


The editor likes to make a complaint, with the huge chakra of Kyuubi as the backing, can't you get a clone to go home every day to spend time with your family? I don't go home every day, and I wonder how these two children were born.

Sakura: The only woman in Class 7, she has been the object of celebrity admiration since she was a child, but the plot is always so bloody, but Sakura only wants to be with Sasuke. In the later Boruto, he got his wish, married Sasuke, and gave birth to a daughter named Sarana.


Although she got her wish and married the right man, her life after marriage was not perfect.

In order to atone for his sins, Sasuke became the man walking in the darkness behind Muye, secretly protecting Muye, often traveling at night and staying out at night, and was not at home for a long time. It can be seen that although Sakura often stayed alone in an empty room, she was still willing to do so. .

Ino: The only woman among the top twelve in Konoha who seems to be relatively happy at the moment.


Although she has liked Sasuke since she was a child, she eventually married Sasui, so suitability is the most important thing.

Tiantian, Tiantian in Boruto has grown into a very attractive woman and runs a store selling weapons by herself. At first, there was an extra child beside Rock Lee, and he said it was his own child. Many Naruto fans speculated that Tiantian was the child's mother, but later it was clarified that it was not the case. Tiantian was still single. Many friends must have guessed why he was single. , is the die of Ningci.

Being partners in the same class, there is bound to be feelings. If Neji is not written off by Kishimoto, then he and Tenten will definitely be a perfect match in the end.