Ranking of Naruto's top ten masters


Who are the top 10 most powerful ninjas in Naruto? Let's take a look at their strengths:

No1: Six Paths Immortal: Possesses the ultimate pupil technique and controls yin and yang. Can create or destroy the world.

No2: Kaguya: The mother of Six Paths with immortality and the ability to possess three major pupil techniques. Can create the God Tree Realm.

No3: Uchiha Madara: Possesses all the power of the Sage of Six Paths, an immortal body, and the Rinnegan Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. He is the strongest Hokage.

No4: Uzumaki Naruto: Masters the Yang power of the Six Paths Sage, can disintegrate the enemy's will, and has the power of six yangs.


No5: Uchiha Sasuke: Has the same ability as Madara in his reincarnation eye, surpasses Itachi in Amaterasu, and has higher combat IQ and the power of Six Paths Yin.

No6: Uchiha Obito: Can transform into the Sage of Six Paths, master time and space ninjutsu, and control one of the tailed beasts.

No7: Senju Hashirama: Praised as the Six Paths alive, can control tailed beasts, has automatic healing, and is an authentic immortal body.

No8: Namikaze Minato: Unrivaled speed with the Flying Thunder God technique, defeated the empty mask man, and sealed the Nine-Tails.

No9: Orochi Kabuto: Gained abilities from Orochimaru, practiced Sage Mode, and fell into Izanami.

No10: Akai: The strongest pure taijutsu in the ninja world, defeated Kisame, and a model of hard-working ninja.