Naruto Boruto: Three high-level snakes, it’s too exciting to change back to their original form


Ryuichi Cave finally appeared in detail in Boruto. As a holy land as famous as Mt. Myoboku Shiggong Forest, it has always had a sense of mystery in Naruto. The founder of Ryuji Dong is White Snake Sennin. It has existed since Kaguya's era. It contains extremely powerful senjutsu chakra in its body. Its white body is connected to the place where it is enshrined. She knew everything that happened in the cave, and there were three high-level snakes.

Tian Xin Shen Ji

Tian Xin Shenji will disguise herself as a beautiful girl to seduce people who come to Longdi Cave, and screen those who enter Longdi Cave for trials.


She also has a unique illusion-type magic that can turn an empty land into a Longdi Cave. The castle has a lot of food inside to confuse people who come to practice. As long as they eat the changed food, the opponent's body and chakra will be eaten by her. If it appears in its true form, I I believe that all the ninjas who go there can pass her test.


She disguised herself as a lolita in Ryuji Cave.


Ichikishima Hime also has a unique magic that can absorb the chakara of people who come to practice. When the practitioners fill all the holes in the rocks with crystals, she It will consume the opponent's chakra, causing the opponent's body and chakra to be swallowed by her. The real appearance is also very scary.

Ji Tuanjin

Ji Tanjin's costume looks a bit like sacrificial clothes, similar to a witch.


She also possesses a unique magical technique. Her magical technique is to use sharp teeth to bite the opponent's neck, which can make the opponent's body feel hot and unable to move. At the same time, it will cause the opponent to hallucinate, thereby killing the people who come to practice. Willpower. It tests the heart of the person who is trying it, and the true state is unbearable to look at.

Seeing that Miaomu Mountain and Ryūchi Cave have already appeared in the anime, the appearance of the Shigebone Forest will not be too far away. The editor has always wanted to know the origins of the three immortals.