When Hinata no longer has a white eye in "Naruto", every aspect is stunningly beautiful!


When Hinata no longer has a white eye in "Naruto", she's simply stunning! Thanks to being a goddess, she can match any eyes!

▼The picture below is the white-eyed Hinata:

▼So, what would Hinata look like if she had black eyes?

▼If you replace the white eyes with black eyes, you will be really beautiful!


▼However, some netizens also made a prank and replaced Hinata with a Sharingan.

▼There is also the reincarnation eye!

I have to say, Hinata really has a good foundation, no matter how she changes it, she is still so beautiful! Netizens said this: "I think it's better to have dark eyes. To be honest, when I first started watching Naruto, I thought the eye-roll was weird... Personal opinion." "I'm used to eye-roll Hinata, and the others look so disharmonious. " "White eyes have that kind of fragility, and black eyes have a hint of fortitude." What do you think?