Naruto: The stories of these four characters are used as "side stories"


It has been many years since Naruto ended, but in order to continue the dream of being Naruto, Naruto also launched his sequel, which is what we call Boruto.

But Boruto is Boruto after all. It no longer has the passion of Naruto back then, and many old fans cannot accept the story of Boruto. After all, the legends of the past generation have become heroes in Boruto. Because of the existence of soy sauce, Naruto and Sasuke, who were the strongest at that time, were both cut off from the altar.

In fact, there is no need for a sequel.


Many character stories in Naruto are actually very short, or some people's stories are not fully narrated clearly. If possible, their stories can be separated into a unit, which may be able to continue Naruto's story. brilliant. After all, many characters still have great regrets for us.

1. The saddest story——Obito UchihaThe story of Uchiha Obito is a relatively perfect story in Naruto. Compared with the stories of several characters in the latter, Kishimoto actually left a lot of room to shape Uchiha Obito.



Obito's story is actually the most tragic story in the entire Naruto series. It was also because of his persistence in love that he had the subsequent battles and the Fourth Ninja War. We have to admire Uchiha Madara's understanding of the characters. In addition to being careful, you also need to admire Obito's persistence in that relationship.

In fact, I personally think that Obito's main story can be pulled out into a unit. This unit mainly tells about Obito's inner changes and monologues, and the final inner struggle.


After all, in comparison, Uchiha Obito's Tu Suan is a very successful character.

2. The most painful story - JiraiyaJiraiya is Naruto's master, and is also the master of Naruto's father Minato Namikaze. Jiraiya's success lies in the fact that all the apprentices he taught are the disciples who are powerful in the ninja world, but Jiraiya's death is A very painful thing, because Jiraiya died at the hands of his apprentice.

In fact, Jiraiya's story has a lot of flexibility. For example, when he started traveling according to the guidance of Toad Sage, he defeated many ninjas at that time.


Later, these ninjas became the Six Paths Pain produced by Nagato. , describe this part of the story clearly, and how Nagato obtained these corpses.

Finally, there is the battle between Jiraiya and Nagato. This must be another very exciting story. After all, Jiraiya is also a ninja who has been training since childhood and does not rely on the power of any family.

3. The most regrettable story - Minato NamikazeNamikaze Minato is Naruto's father, but what we know about Namikaze Minato is really too little.


We only know that Namikaze Minato is the youngest Hokage and the most handsome Hokage. With the flying thunder god's His ability is unique in the world, but we know very little about his childhood and his growth.

Presumably, although Namikaze Minato's story is not as exciting as Naruto's experience of the fourth ninja battle, it is obviously not too bad. After all, Namikaze Minato is a young man who rose from the bottom.

How he learned the Nidaime Hokage's forbidden technique Flying Thunder God, how he became Hokage, and how he predicted that Naruto would unseal the Nine-Tails on his own with his strength, etc.


, Minato Namikaze After the story is pulled out separately, we will witness the rise of another boy.

4. The most unforgettable story - the changes in Jiraiya's teamThere used to be three young men, each of whom hoped to change the current existence with their own power, but they were still too young after all. In the end, Yahiko died, Nagato turned black, and Konan became a master of six gods.

In fact, we can also see a different story from the other side of Jiraiya's team.


To put it simply, they used to be high-spirited teenagers, but now they have obviously changed a lot. This story can be described in detail. .

How did Jiraiya's team make a fortune and form the Akatsuki organization, and finally when Yahiko died and Nagato's darkening began, how did Nagato create a wrong Akatsuki organization step by step? After all, many people believe that the Akatsuki organization will disappear after There is no explanation from Hokage. After all, compared with the previous ninjutsu, the later ninjutsu basically ended with all kinds of big moves flying around.


In summary:I personally think that many characters in Naruto can be pulled out individually to become a new section, or directly form a new complete story of their own, but it seems that the author has simply given up on this approach.

Boruto is indeed telling the legend of ninjas. With the collapsed system, I don't know how long Boruto can go on. Soon it will no longer be a battle between ninjas, but a battle of technology.

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