Naruto: Four weird ways to protect your forehead


The forehead protector is a status symbol for ninjas. Most ninjas guard the forehead protector as an honor, just like a soldier guarding the military flag. This is the glory of a ninja village. But with the changes of the times, ninjas have become more casual about wearing forehead protectors.

This does not mean that ninjas do not value this honor, but that ninjas have become more individual. Traditionally, ninjas wear forehead protectors on their foreheads, waists, or arms. The forehead protector is not just a symbol, it can protect themselves, like a helmet, to protect themselves from fatal attacks.


Nowadays, the way of wearing forehead protectors has become more and more strange, perhaps because the skills of ninjas are becoming more and more powerful, and forehead protectors can no longer resist damage.


Wear a diagonal forehead protector, use the forehead protector to hide that he has a blood chakra eye. Kakashi cannot freely open and close the sharingan eye. This way of wearing also adds a lot of color to Kakashi. One-eyed is a man's romance, such a Kakashi Nishi, don't you think he is very handsome? In the Naruto anime, Kakashi rarely shows his face, and he is full of mystery.


Moreover, the forehead protector is also the way for Kakashi to activate cheats. Once the blood chakra eye covered by the forehead protector is opened, his strength will soar. .


Hinata is definitely the cutest girl in the Naruto anime. How many Naruto fans dream of marrying a woman as gentle as Hinata. Hinata is a goddess-like existence in everyone's mind, and Hinata wears a protective shield. The forehead protector is also very cute, wearing the forehead protector on the neck, but I wonder if anyone has noticed? It turns out that Hinata has a big Adam's apple.


No wonder she wears a forehead protector on her neck. It turns out that she wants to cover her Adam's apple. If her Adam's apple is exposed, the contrast will be too great. I wonder if you can still do it. Will Hinata accept this? (Of course, this picture is just a spoof by netizens)

Yamanaka Ino

Ino Yamanaka tied her forehead protector to her waist. Was she trying to show off her good figure? This way of wearing is also very personalized, so that the forehead protector becomes a waist protector.


She is also a very powerful female ninja. She possesses the secret technique of the Yamanaka clan, the Heart Turn Technique, which allows her to occupy the opponent's body and control the opponent's heart.

Haruno Sakura

The way Sakura wears her forehead protector is also very practical. Using her forehead protector as her headband can be said to be the best use of everything. She is also a very unique female ninja. After her long-term efforts, she finally made the best use of Sasuke. It was snatched from Naruto's hand, but I have to say that the way Sakura wears this forehead protector is also very cute.

The fact that ninjas do not wear forehead protectors according to tradition is very similar to the fact that we did not wear school uniforms in the prescribed way. In fact, everyone has an age when they can show their personality, including young ninjas.