Naruto easter egg: Hinata calls Naruto in various tones


The anime "Naruto" is the memory of many people's youth. It was serialized for more than ten years before it was completed. Now Naruto's second Boruto is also being serialized. In fact, there are many easter eggs in Naruto. When we see these anime easter eggs, we can feel the cuteness of the characters in Naruto even more. Do you still remember that there was a Hinata easter egg in Naruto? In the easter egg, Hinata used The voices calling Naruto in various tones are so cute!

In the Easter egg, everyone was arranged to record a rehearsal in the recording studio.


(The director also showed a series of scenes in the recording studio, but the director at this time was a stickman.) When it was about to end, Naruto was about to leave the recording studio, Hina. Tian hid behind the door and called Naruto in a low voice. Naruto looked at Hinata in confusion and asked her "What's wrong, Hinata?".

However, after most of the day, Hinata was still speechless, perhaps because she was too nervous. Naruto couldn't stand his impatience and said to Hinata without thinking, "What's going on?" Others were also attracted by such a loud sound and came to Naruto's side.


The scene was quite embarrassing. At this time, Hatake Gogo said, "Speaking of Hinata's recent lines, Naruto seems to be the only one saying this!" which solved everyone's doubts.

Finally breaking the awkward scene, Hinata mustered up the courage to express her true feelings: Even if it was just one sentence, she wanted to say it with emotion. Because of this sentence, everyone's curiosity suddenly rose.


Sakura asked first: What do you say when you are shy? At this time Hinata held her face and said: Naruto~. She looks really cute.

Kakashi then asked her, what about when she is happy? Hinata clenched her fists and said Naruto's name very quietly and coyly. The editor here didn't understand why she blushed~~ Could it be that she liked Naruto too much??

There are still times when you are angry,

In fact, when we watch Naruto, it is not difficult to find that Hinata has really few lines. Maybe the sentence above only has one line from Naruto, which is also an official complaint. Anyway, Hinata only has one line from "Naruto" It's also so cute