Naruto: 4 special tattoos


Naruto is a classic anime. Even people who don't like to watch anime have watched this work. Although this work has been completed for a long time, Naruto fans still have huge enthusiasm. I don't know if you still remember those tattooed ninjas in Naruto. Although they are a bit unconventional, they really highlight a character's personality.


Gaara is the earliest character with tattoos, so the editor puts him first to introduce. There is a word "love" on Gaara's forehead. This word is not present at birth.


, Gaara was not popular when he was a child, and was often ostracized, so Gaara left the word "爱" on his forehead, which means Shura who only loves himself. He is a child who lacked love in his childhood. .

Curse mode

I don't know what everyone thinks of the curse marks all over my body. Anyway, when I looked at the curse marks all over my body, I felt an inexplicable feeling of fear in my heart. This curse seal mode has been obtained by many people in Naruto. It can greatly improve their strength.


It is a great invention of Uncle Snake, the great god of technology.

Immortal facial makeup

The Sage Mode is stronger than the Curse Seal Mode. The Sage Mode can "convert natural energy into Sage Chakra" and greatly enhance the power of one's own ninjutsu, taijutsu, and illusions. Using this trick, the face will appear like the oiled features of the Immortal Mode, and an Immortal facial makeup will appear.



As the eldest lady of the earth spider clan, Hotaru is very beautiful. In the plot of Naruto, Hotaru was once hit by the character binding technique, and the above character appeared on her arm. Yugao and Naruto have both been hit by it, and it has also appeared. This word, when it appears on Yingying, inevitably makes people think about it.

Finally, let me show you a picture. The picture above is taken from the anime. I wonder if you still remember it? What is gay? How about masturbating?