Naruto: When all the protagonists turn into Nine-Tails mode


As a classic Japanese comic, Naruto is unique in terms of ninjutsu and character portrayal, but there are some similarities among Japanese comics, and Naruto is also inevitably "conventional". Among them, the aspect of character transformation is a very popular setting. Of course, the transformation in the play is still very distinctive. In particular, Jinchuriki's Tailed Beast Transformation is the protagonist Naruto's "open-hanging" transformation mode. So have you ever thought about what will happen when the protagonists all master the Nine-Tails mode?


1 column

We all know that Hashirama is arguably the most buggy ninja in Naruto. With his wooden escape and the body of a fairy, he was directly regarded as the man closest to the sage of the Six Paths. In Naruto's generation, there is still no one who can compare with Hashirama. After all, although Naruto is powerful, he is only close to Hashirama with the Nine-Tails Chakra. And if Hashirama had sealed the Nine-Tails on himself and turned on the Nine-Tails mode, it would probably be a pinnacle legend. However, after seeing Zhujian turned on the Nine-Tails mode, it is estimated that many friends will know why they didn't do that.


It turns out that Zhujian's Nine-tails mode is so ugly.

2 Obito

Although Obito has always been a big villain in the early stage, in the face of Naruto's mouth escape, he could not escape the fate of being whitewashed in the end. He became a strong man in the protagonist's camp, and finally lent the power of his eyes to When Kakashi, let us see the power of Shuangkamui Sharingan. So what will happen when Obito turns into Nine-Tails mode? When I saw the photo in the picture, I almost couldn't help laughing out loud.


I didn't expect that Obito is the most magical compared with the ugliness in Hashirama! It looks like a little bald head.

3 Jiraiya

If you want to say whose death in Naruto is the most regrettable, I am afraid that Naruto's mentor Zilai can also be said to be the well-deserved top of the list. After the battle between Jiraiya and Payne, it is estimated that he really succeeded in "dissuading" many friends. And when Jiraiya changed to the Nine-Tails mode, it can really be said that he is so handsome that he has no friends. Unexpectedly, after Zilai also became a model, he seemed to be a few decades younger, feeling like he could beat Payne in minutes, didn't he?

The above is what it looks like when all the dissatisfied protagonists change into Nine-Tails mode. Who do you think wins your heart the most?