Hokage: Facing these 4 ninjas, no matter how powerful Hidan’s blood sacrifice is, it’s useless


As an immortal duo of the Akatsuki organization, Hidan's ability was indeed very tricky when he first appeared on the scene. When he first appeared on the scene, he immediately killed the two-tailed Jinchuuriki in an instant, and later he was even more unpredictable. Killing the land mage, all these things show that the strength of Fei Duan Blood Sacrifice is very terrifying.

After Asuma faced Hidan, we got a general understanding of Hidan's abilities. Hidan mainly obtains the blood of others to complete his rituals and die together through the rituals. However, he himself is immortal, so he does not won't die.


Just this skill alone was already considered very difficult for the Hokage at that time. But after all, there were people whose own strength was terrifying, and even facing Hidan's ability was no problem.

1. Tsunade - the technique of Baihao

Tsunade is the granddaughter of Senju Hashirama, and she can be regarded as inheriting Senju Hashirama's powerful self-healing ability. For this reason, the second generation Hokage Senju Tobirama specially developed the Hyakuha no Jutsu for him.


We should still be able to remember that in the battle between the Five Shadows and Madara, Tsunade was directly injured by Madara many times, and the most serious one in the end was directly cut in half. However, in such an environment, Tsunade was still survived.

The power of Baihao's technique mainly comes from its own powerful chakra. Chakra can make cells regenerate continuously, so this is also a kind of self-healing ability.

Therefore, even if it hits the heart directly, it will have no impact at all on Tsunade. She can still complete self-healing and continue fighting. In addition, there is a psychic beast like slug with super medical ability, so there is no need to worry at all.


2. Orochimaru - Undead Reincarnation

Orochimaru is definitely a very alternative existence. Basically, in the current Naruto world, only Orochimaru seems to be able to achieve immortality. However, Orochimaru's highlight moment was his battle with Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Orochimaru who appeared later was basically reduced to the strongest support. Assuming that Orochimaru was hit in the heart by Hidan, he was really about to die. Sorry, even if Orochimaru died on the spot, it might only be a Orochimaru's death.


During the Fourth Ninja War, in order to be able to summon the Hokages of all ages to fight, Orochimaru directly exchanged with the God of Death to unlock the seal of the corpse. But even so, Orochimaru still survived, mainly because he had enough The body and curse seal, basically Orochimaru is in a state of infinite resurrection.

3. Ghost Lantern Water Moon—Water-like body

Ghost Light Suigetsu was a member of the Eagle Squad at that time. When we saw Suigetsu appear, he was basically drinking water.


Even if he was not drinking water, he was on the way to find water. Later, he gradually turned into collecting ninja. Sword, but it seems that the latter wish may not come true. After all, Ninja Sword is still in Wuyin Village.

But we should still be able to remember the scene when the Eagle Squad faced the Eight-Tailed Kirabi. The body of Suigetsu who was hit was not materialized at that time, but the entire body was in a water-like form.

In other words, in the unconscious state, Suigetsu turned his body into the element of water, so for Hidan, even if he can give a fatal blow, he will still be in vain in the end.


4. Chonggo - the out-of-control fairy Chakra

Jugo was Orochimaru's experimental subject, and he was considered a relatively failed experiment. Since Orochimaru was not able to obtain the power of Sage Chakra, he added Sage Chakra to his experiments.

Zhongwu is such an experimental subject, but it is a pity that this experimental subject was not completely successful. Zhongwu would lose control of himself many times and become another monster who vents his anger. Therefore, many times we have seen Zhongwu turn himself into a monster.


locked in a cave.

But Jugo himself is very powerful. After being able to control the power of his body, he fought hard battles many times. When facing the Raikage, even if a hole was punched through his body, he was still able to survive. .

Think about it, if during Hidan's blood sacrifice, he thought he had defeated Jugo, but Jugo went crazy, he would have forgotten his own pain and smashed Hidan to pieces.

In summary:

Hidan's ability is indeed very difficult. If someone with a high IQ like Shikamaru hadn't existed in the first place, the time it would have taken to crack it would have been extended in the future.

But facing people with strong regenerative ability and vitality, everything is in vain, and Hi Duan's ability is naturally worthless.