Naruto: There are still seven Jonin in Konoha who are not inferior to Kakashi!


Special Jonin are unique ninja in Konoha who excel in specific areas and are suitable for special positions or ninjutsu. They are stronger than Chunin but slightly weaker than Jonin. Here are the top 7 special Jonin in Konoha:

NO7 Ebisu: He is a skilled teacher and was admitted by Kakashi. However, he is not strong in combat and has many weaknesses. He ranks seventh in overall strength.

NO6 Inuzuka Claw: She specializes in training ninja dogs and using secret techniques. Her keen sense of smell gives her an advantage in intelligence gathering. She is an expert in using the Yatonga technique.

NO5 Mitarashi Red Beans: Anko is good at Orochimaru ninjutsu and intelligence collection.


She has powerful Orochi Ninjutsu and Taijutsu skills, even without using the curse seal.

NO4 Moonlight Blast: Hayate is skilled in Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and swordsmanship. His blood succession limit ability makes him transparent. He died in the hands of Sunagakure Jonin Maji.

NO3 I don't know the mysterious fire room: He served as the examiner for the third round of the Chunin Exam. He is known for his ability to analyze situations and his confidence in himself. However, he was defeated by the four sound ninjas.

NO2 Morino Hiki: He is the captain of the ANBU torture team and excels in understanding the opponent's psychology.


He made a crucial contribution during Pain's invasion of Konoha.

NO1 Aoba similar combination: Aoba, the master of mind-reading illusions, and Identical, an assassination master, form a powerful duo. Their combination is unbeatable, and they have strong teamwork. These special Jonin play important roles in Konoha and contribute greatly to the village's protection and stability. They are a force to be reckoned with.