Are relationships in Naruto too complicated? Five pictures at a glance


How complicated are the relationships in Naruto? Friends who have watched the anime may know that it is already very complicated just looking at the mission relationships of those who have served as Hokages in the past, let alone other relationships. So how can we quickly sort out the relationship between them? Let us take a look at five pictures below to make it clear at a glance.

1. People who escaped from Naruto's mouth

There are many ninjas in Naruto, but the main characters can be divided into those who have been escaped by Naruto's mouth and those who have not been escaped by Naruto's mouth.


The former can be said to be acquaintances, while the latter is related to each other. For example, Hinata became his wife, Nagato became his senior brother, and Sasuke and Gaara became his harem. Looking at it this way, the relationship is much simpler.

2. Women who all think Sasuke is handsome

There are not many female ninjas in Naruto. They can be divided into those who think Sasuke is handsome and those who don't. The former have had close contact with Sasuke, while the latter are basically gentlemen.


For example, Sakura became Sasuke's wife, and Karin became Sasuke's partner and best friend. After such statistics, all girls can remember easily.

3. The first kiss was given to Naruto

The people who have the closest relationship with Naruto in Naruto, apart from his parents and master, are the three people who gave him his first kiss. Among them, Sasuke is his lifelong friend and rival, and the relationship between the two has given rise to many speculations. , in the end the two decided to become good friends.


Sakura is his first love, and Hinata is the one who accompanies him throughout his life.

4. I once hated you, but you are the person I cherish most

The most complicated thing about Naruto is this relationship. At first, he hated it so much that his teeth itched, but later he liked it so much that he didn't want the other person to get hurt at all. The first person to bear the brunt is Itachi, who was originally the person Sasuke hated the most, but he was also Sasuke's only brother. The same goes for Obito, because Kakashi didn't protect Lin, he hated him, but he gave Kakashi his most precious eyes twice.


This relationship is really complicated, but once it is classified like this, it becomes clear at a glance.

5. Everyone has rivals who love and kill each other.

Naruto has always emphasized bonds, and these four people on the way clearly interpret this main line. The first is Naruto. He and Sasuke have been in love and killed each other since they were young. It was not until the Battle of the Valley of the End that they became complete friends. . The same is true for Hashirama and Madara. They were good friends at first, but later became enemies on the battlefield. The same is true for Metkai and Kakashi, they are each other's eternal rivals. They all respect each other, compare each other, and their feelings are really complicated.