Live-action dark version of "Naruto"


I don't know if you have ever imagined what it would be like if the characters in "Naruto" were all painted in a realistic style? If the comic faces turned into real-life facial proportions, would those characters still be the same? How about staying handsome?

Today I would like to share with you a set of fan art that combines real-life painting style with some dark styles. Each one is very unique!

Determined little NarutoThis is an oil painting style "Naruto" fanart, each one is very unique! Naruto depicts his state when he was a child. It feels like Naruto at this time has just encountered something bad, but he is strong.


Naruto didn't cry or feel sad, but showed a very determined expression!

And it turns out that little Naruto is quite cute after becoming a real person. Even in a somewhat dark style, you can still see the cuteness of Naruto as a child!

Sasuke covered in bruisesThis fanart of Sasuke is really full of dark style. Sasuke is covered in bruises on a rainy day. It looks like he has just experienced a disaster. His eyes are full of helplessness and pain. The real-life Sasuke does not seem to have any violation.


It's harmonious, but it looks a little decadent against the dark wind!

European and American style ferret godUchiha Itachi is called "The Itachi of the Genocide", and the background is also very suitable for the red color, which makes the Itachi God look a little ferocious. However, after the Itachi God was transformed into a real person, he turned out to be a very good-looking person. A handsome guy with a European and American style, his resolute face also shows the determination of God Itachi!


Somewhat cute YamatoIn fact, Yamato has many scary and gloomy scenes in the anime, and it even gave Naruto a psychological shadow. But after we have been baptized by anime, we always have a funny feeling when watching Yamato! So even in a dark style , Yamato's face doesn't look very scary!

Realistic ShikakuShikaku was Konoha's former think tank and outstanding jounin. He played a vital role in the Fourth Ninja War.


I personally think he is the most distinctive person among them who has been transformed into a real person. This kind of sharp painting The wind looks surprisingly comfortable!

And since the Nara family basically all look alike, now I can already imagine what Shikamaru would look like after being transformed into a real person! He looks quite handsome in my imagination!

Orochimaru who smiles very devilishlyOrochimaru, who rejuvenated the country through science and education, is one of the legendary three ninjas.


He is the second character I admire in the entire "Naruto". Every time you think he is going to die, he can surprise you. He truly uses science and research. It has achieved eternal immortality, and many of its research and ideas are very advanced!

It feels like the villains in "Boruto" now are just playing the leftovers of Orochimaru. Orochimaru is quite handsome after becoming a real person, but this is just an evil smile. After watching too much, it always feels like a ghost!

This Kaguya is a bit hard to describeKaguya Ōtsutsuki, I feel like the most ridiculous villain BOSS in "Naruto", looks very strong, but was eliminated without showing any strength at all! However, this live-action is very vividly drawn, but the comparison is hard to describe!

Because I feel a little weird if I say she is good-looking, but if I say she is not good-looking, I feel that she has restored it well, but it is hard to say. What do you think?

So who do you think has the most realistic image of these "Naruto" characters after they are transformed into real people?