Naruto: What do ninja rooms look like?


In the anime Naruto, the author has taken great pains to make each character deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. He has arranged absolutely different settings for everyone, from personality to ability. In fact, the room where each ninja lives is also They all have their own characteristics, so let's take a look at what these ninja rooms look like.


The first one is Sakura's room. In fact, Sakura lives alone in Konoha, so Sakura's house only has one bedroom. But it is puzzling how Sakura usually eats.


Could it be that she is in Konoha every day? Eating out? However, although Sakura's room is not big, it still looks like a girl's room. It is not only clean but also has warm colors, and it still feels like home.


Sasuke's room is very interesting, because Sasuke lives in the house of Uchiha Fugaku, and Fugaku is the patriarch of the Uchiha clan, so there is also a small villa with a separate courtyard in Konoha Village. You can see from the picture that Sasuke I live on the second floor, with a very good view and the whole room is not small.


Among them, the easter eggs left by the author Masashi Kishimoto on the wall can be said to be the most interesting.


When it comes to Kakashi's room, it's very simple. In fact, Kakashi's father was gone when he was young, so he should live alone in a big house. However, although Kakashi's room doesn't have many things, it looks quite clean. The most eye-catching thing is the sword on the window sill. In fact, it is a relic of Kakashi's father.



Naruto has never shown us the room of the goddess Hinata, but in the Q version of the anime Xiao Li's biography, we saw Hinata's boudoir. We can see that there are photos of Naruto everywhere in Hinata's room. Although it is a bit exaggerated, but Considering that Hinata has been obsessed with Naruto since she was a child, and that Naruto has repeatedly performed meritorious deeds in the village, it seems reasonable that Hinata's room is filled with photos of Naruto.


When we arrived at Naruto's room, it could only be described as dirty and messy.


Naruto's room was very simple. There was nothing but a bed, a table, and a kettle. The kettle was just for the convenience of instant noodles. In fact, it has never been It can be seen in Boruto that Naruto really doesn't know how to clean up the housework. If he hadn't married Hinata, he probably wouldn't be able to take care of himself.


In Boruto, because the science and technology of the entire ninja world has undergone earth-shaking changes, Boruto's room is like a sky and a sky compared to the older generation. It can be said that all modern equipment is available. Everything from computers to air conditioners is really enviable.