Naruto: The 5 most attractive couples


Naruto is a passionate anime, and there are many interesting CP combinations in the anime. In addition to those gay friend combinations (Sauna, Kakashi and Metkai, Scorpion and Deidara, etc.), there are also There are many male and female CPs who play ambiguous roles. Looking at these extremely friendly CP combinations, do you, the audience, have a special feeling that they want them to be together and have a happy and happy ending? If these CPs who look like husband and wife are in Now that we are together, are you willing to accept the wedding candies or dog food they send? Next, let us take a look at these CPs.


Although they are not officially recognized as lovers in the anime, when the two are in the same photo, it can be seen at a glance that they look like a couple.

Scorpion and Sakura

Scorpion and Sakura have similar hairstyles and hair colors. Although Sakura has always liked Sasuke, during the time when Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura formed a team, Sasuke was obviously not interested in Sakura. On the contrary, he was more interested in Sakura than in Sakura. , Sasuke was more interested in Naruto. After all, Naruto took away Sasuke's first kiss.


In the end, it was really hard to believe that Sakura and Sasuke were able to go to the end. Looking at Scorpio, the two of them look very much like a couple when they are in the same photo. If they develop a bit more, I believe they will be an acceptable couple. The editor looks at them and feels that they are a good match.

Lin and Kakashi

Lin and Kakashi are very similar to Sasuke and Sakura. Of course, Lin is more sensible than Sakura. Lin has a particularly well-behaved personality. She admired Kakashi when she and Kakashi teamed up.


Although in "The Book of Formation", Nohara Rin prefers Uchiha Obito rather than Kakashi, Kakashi and Rin are also a good match. For these two pairs, I think no matter who Rin chooses in the end, they will be the best. A happy thing, but this would be impossible to achieve.

Kaguya and Momoshiki

If the relationship between Kaguya Otsutsuki and Momoshiki was handled well, there would be no Naruto anime.


If Momoshiki could be with Kaguya Otsutsuki, there wouldn't be so many miscellaneous things later. , but in the end Kaguya fell in love with an ordinary person, so the initial plot of Naruto began. Thinking about it, Kaguya is quite pitiful. She betrayed her tribe, but in the end she was betrayed by her husband and children.

Terumi Mei and Sasuke

The last pair seems to be purely a prank by netizens. As for the source, the editor seems to remember that it was in a notebook. Has anyone read this notebook? Compared to this combination, I still like Zuo Ming's combination, Zuo Ming is great!