Naruto's 5 strongest snake-like psychic beasts


There are a lot of psychic beasts in Naruto. Apart from frogs, snakes seem to be the ones we know the most about. So today Ji Yuan is going to count the top five strongest snake psychic beasts! Look at you Do you know who they are?

Fifth place: Ten Thousand Snakes

The psychic beast that signed a contract with Orochimaru is a powerful snake that lives in Ryuji Cave! It has a huge amount of senjutsu chakra in its body, with agile movements and powerful attacks! The psychic beast that is the villain in the play, and Orochimaru It's not a partnership.


Orochimaru has to prepare a hundred living sacrifices every time he comes out! It appears twice in the play. In the second appearance, he was directly used as a human shield by Sasuke and was killed by Deidara. He blew himself up and died on the spot!

Fourth place: Second generation Wan She

The second-generation Wanshe is a snake-like psychic beast created from the cells of the first-generation Wanshe. Kabuto uses drugs on all the cells of Wanshe to activate the cells. All abilities of the second-generation Wanshe must surpass those of the first generation, including body size.


, strength, perception, etc.!

And it also has forelimbs that no other snake species has! It can accurately grasp the enemy, even facing the giant tortoise of the Kingdom of Thunder without any fear!

Third place: Green Snake

Green Snake is a green snake python that lives in Ryūchi Cave. He was summoned by Sasuke for the first time when he was fighting against the Ten-Tails! Even though he doesn't have a fierce face like Wan Snake, his strength is not among Wan Snake's.


Come on! His size, speed and strength are all worthy of the Second Generation Wan She!

After all, he is a psychic beast who has fought against the Ten-Tails head-on. In the melee, he can still shuttle across the battlefield at will without being hurt at all!

Second place: Xinya

The second place is Xinya who appears in Boruto. It is the most ferocious one-eyed serpent in Ryuji Cave. Because of his violent personality, no one likes him even if he is the same kind! And he was raised like this The reason for his character is because Xin Ya was betrayed by his master before, so his temperament changed drastically from that time on!


But in the end, it was difficult to defeat the protagonist's halo, and he was successfully conquered by Boruto! During this process, Xin Ya had a fight with the green snake, but the green snake was defeated by Xin Ya after three strikes, five divided by two, and it can be inferred that Xin Ya's The strength is stronger than the green snake!

First place: White phosphorus snake

Also known as White Snake Sage, he is the boss of Ryuji Cave.


Like the Great Toad Sage, he is a White Snake who has been living since the Kaguya period! He has the strongest magic chakra in Ryuji Cave in his body! And a sage with this status can already He has transformed into a human form! I don't need to tell you what his strength is. Why is Orochima Kabuto so strong? It was all taught by her! I'm afraid only the Sage of Six Paths can summon a psychic beast of this level to fight. , you can do it!