The screenshots in Naruto that are easily misleading, Kakashi and Sakura are misaligned, and Kai reveals his little secret


"Naruto" has a total of 720 episodes. In order to adapt to the manga update, there are naturally many original and added plots in the animation plot, which is a very normal phenomenon.

There are too many pictures in "Naruto", and some of them are easy to be misunderstood. Whenever you revisit Naruto, even if you don't find it, the barrage will remind you.

What are some misleading screenshots in Naruto?

Kakashi, SakuraIn the Fourth Ninja World War, Naruto and Sasuke joined forces to seal Kaguya Otsuki.


They thought they could form a seal of reconciliation and unravel Infinity Tsukiyomi. Unexpectedly, the fate of Asura and Indra is not over yet. .

Sasuke wants to become Hokage, and uses the power of the eyes of reincarnation to trap all the nine tailed beasts. Naruto and Sasuke will usher in the final battle, and the place of the battle is "Valley of the End".

Kakashi was inconvenient due to the influence of the kaleidoscope in his eyes. Sakura wanted to dissuade Sasuke, but was directly defeated by the illusion.


Seeing Sasuke's current state, Naruto could only choose to fight.

When the camera switches to Naruto, we can find that Kakashi and Sakura may be misunderstood, and perhaps just happened to encounter a "misplacement of God".

PhosphorusKaoru is one of the girls who likes Sasuke. Even though Sasuke almost killed her, a word of "I'm sorry" made Kaoru completely forgive Sasuke.

When Sasuke didn't get the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, he often took Kosovo with him on missions. In addition to his excellent perception ability, Kosovo was also equivalent to a "mobile blood bank".


Whenever Sasuke is injured, he only needs to bite the phoenix to heal the injury. The special characteristics of the phoenix's body have led many people to regard it as a "nanny", which is why the teeth marks all over his body come from.

In order to get revenge, Sasuke and Obito started a five-kage conference, and finally blocked Danzo's way. When the battle was coming to an end, the phosphorus was Sasuke's protection. When Sasuke bit the phosphorus to recover from his injury, this screenshot was still easy to let go.


people misunderstood.

If your parents are at home, it is best not to turn on the sound when watching this episode, as unnecessary misunderstandings may occur.

Kakashi, MikeyHatake Sakumo once said to Kakashi, if you don't practice well, that person will definitely surpass you in the future. Judging from Metkai's performance in the Fourth Ninja War, he did surpass the genius Kakashi.

Hatake Sakumo anticipated Metkai's ending.


Kakashi and Metkai are not only lifelong rivals, but also lifelong friends. The two often compete with each other, and Metkai has mastered the fighting method of judging the opponent's moves without using his eyes. Because of the two people's exchanges, Kakashi Cassie can also adjust her fighting style based on Metkai's actions.

In the Fourth Great Ninja War, when facing Muuri Jinpachi and Kurirare Kushimaru, Kakashi could still cooperate according to Metkai's movements even if he closed his eyes tightly. This was the tacit understanding between the two of them who had been competing for a long time.

"Genin fight to destroy the world, and jounin fight over pots and pans." The jounin in this joke refers to Metkai and Kakashi.

Of course, a screenshot between Kakashi and Metkai can easily be misunderstood. Perhaps this can be regarded as Kai's dark history, after all, he exposed his "little secret".